Summit History Facts

Celebrities From Summit

Along with the previously mentioned Oratory alumni Danny DeVito, there are a number of well-known stars that came from Summit. See how many from this list you recognize!

  • Miles Austin, wide receiver for the Cowboys, born in Summit
  • Dave Brown, former quarterback for the Giants and Cardinals, born and raised in Summit
  • Meryl Streep, award-winning actress, born and raised in Summit
  • Gerard and Mikey Way, lead singer and bassist of My Chemical Romance, born in Summit
  • Lindsey McKeon, actress, born in Summit
  • Paul Baier, ice hockey player, born in Summit
  • Mark Donohue, NASCAR driver, raised in Summit
  • Brian Edwards, MLS goalkeeper, born in Summit
  • Ice-T, rapper and actor, graduate of Brayton Elementary and Summit Middle School
  • Bill Larned, professional tennis player, born and raised in Summit
  • Dennis Ritchie, computer scientist and creator of C programming language, graduate of Summit High School
  • Arthur K. Watson, former president of IBM and U.S. Ambassador to France, born in Summit