Summit History Facts

Before she became Mayor, Ellen Dickson hosted a number of discussion programs on HomeTowneTV. Below find a sampling of them.
Summit History Facts

Celebrities From Summit

Along with the previously mentioned Oratory alumni Danny DeVito, there are a number of well-known stars that came from Summit. See how many from this list you recognize!

  • Miles Austin, wide receiver for the Cowboys, born in Summit
  • Dave Brown, former quarterback for the Giants and Cardinals, born and raised in Summit
  • Meryl Streep, award-winning actress, born and raised in Summit
  • Gerard and Mikey Way, lead singer and bassist of My Chemical Romance, born in Summit
  • Lindsey McKeon, actress, born in Summit
  • Paul Baier, ice hockey player, born in Summit
  • Mark Donohue, NASCAR driver, raised in Summit
  • Brian Edwards, MLS goalkeeper, born in Summit
  • Ice-T, rapper and actor, graduate of Brayton Elementary and Summit Middle School
  • Bill Larned, professional tennis player, born and raised in Summit
  • Dennis Ritchie, computer scientist and creator of C programming language, graduate of Summit High School
  • Arthur K. Watson, former president of IBM and U.S. Ambassador to France, born in Summit
Summit History Facts

The Carter House

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Carter House, built around the year 1740, is believed to be the oldest building in the City, and is the home of the Summit Historical Society.  The homestead was built by the farmer Benjamin Carter whose family purchased large tracts of land on the east side of the Passaic River, including nearly the entire valley in which the city of Summit now lies.

Summit History Facts

Summit Football

Summit High School’s football team has only gone undefeated for an entire season seven times since their first season in 1928. Congratulations on a great win this weekend!

Summit History Facts

Did you know…

Ellen Dickson is the only Mayor of Summit with a birthday today (November 5th)? Happy birthday Mayor Dickson!

Summit History Facts

The Summit Free Market

Summit Free Market is a part of the City’s more recent history, an initiative founded through a grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation that has been active since 2008. It is a student-run organization with biannual events at the Transfer Station with the main goal of keeping reusable household items out of the landfill. The Free Market will be running from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday and next Saturday, October 27th and November 3rd. Bring yard sale-quality items to share, take whatever you want or need, it’s all free!

Summit History Facts

Summit Police Patch

The picture on the patch worn by the Summit Police Department depicts a cannon and a torch beacon, representing a numbered station in the communication network that General George Washington set up to guard his lines and the Morristown Headquarters during the Revolutionary War. Beacon #10, Summit’s beacon, and The Old Sow were used together to rally the local Militia units on June 7th and 23rd to fight the Hessians in what later became known as “The Battle of Springfield.”

Summit History Facts

The Muni

In 1967, Summit became the first town in New Jersey to build a municipal golf course on 13 acres of donated land that had formerly been part of a private estate. Each season, local residents play over 20,000 rounds of golf at the 9-hole, 989-yard, Par 3 course.

Summit History Facts

The Summit Diner

Local legend has claimed that Ernest Hemingway visited the diner and later used it as a setting for his short story “The Killers.”   While this is impossible, as Hemingway’s story predates the Summit Diner, the Diner’s pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches are a sure bet.

Summit History Facts

Bryant’s Tavern

The Battle of Springfield, 1780

Bryant’s Tavern, located during Revolutionary times in the present-day vicinity of Broad St and Route 24, figured prominently as a continental army gathering point in two different Revolutionary war fights: An early skirmish between Continental and British Forces on December 17, 1776, during which Continental Troops forced the British Troops to retreat; and again during the Battle of Springfield on June 23, 1780, as a rallying point for Continental Army General Nathanael Greene’s troops. The Battle of Springfield was to be the last battle of the Revolution in the North. Because of the subsequent decisive battles in the South, the Battle of Springfield has become known as the “forgotten victory.”

Summit History Facts

The Minisink Path

The Hobart Gap, situs of the Minisink Path (Millburn visible in the "Gap")

The Miniskink Path was a Native American Path or Trail, part of a network of paths used by Native Americans of the Algonquian and Ir0quoian speaking peoples of Northeastern North America. It was used by those peoples as a route from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean, and it passed through the Hobart Gap. Present-day Route 24 follows the old Miniskink Path.