Celebrities From Summit

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Along with the previously mentioned Oratory alumni Danny DeVito, there are a number of well-known stars that came from Summit. See how many from this list you recognize!

  • Miles Austin, wide receiver for the Cowboys, born in Summit
  • Dave Brown, former quarterback for the Giants and Cardinals, born and raised in Summit
  • Meryl Streep, award-winning actress, born and raised in Summit
  • Gerard and Mikey Way, lead singer and bassist of My Chemical Romance, born in Summit
  • Lindsey McKeon, actress, born in Summit
  • Paul Baier, ice hockey player, born in Summit
  • Mark Donohue, NASCAR driver, raised in Summit
  • Brian Edwards, MLS goalkeeper, born in Summit
  • Ice-T, rapper and actor, graduate of Brayton Elementary and Summit Middle School
  • Bill Larned, professional tennis player, born and raised in Summit
  • Dennis Ritchie, computer scientist and creator of C programming language, graduate of Summit High School
  • Arthur K. Watson, former president of IBM and U.S. Ambassador to France, born in Summit

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Ellen Dickson holds a Masters in Business Administration from Babson College and an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She and her husband Chip raised three children, all of whom graduated from the Summit public schools system.