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Estimates Available as of 7 Nov 2012 at 11:00 am

Click through for the latest info from JCP&L on restoration estimates for the City.

As of this hour, the JCP&L website reports 2,140 customers without power, or 23% of all Summit customers. Click here to find the info on their site.

Here are the restoration estimates made yesterday, November 6th, 2012 at noon by JCP&L:

  • Today, November 7th: 11 customers;
  • Tomorrow, November 8th:  956 customers;
  • Friday, November 9th: 19 customers;
  • Saturday, November 10th: 393 customers.

Total: 1,379 customers. This info was extracted from this download. According to this data, that would leave 761 still without power as of Saturday, or a bit over eight percent of customers.

There has been some discussion concerning neighboring towns having had power restored faster than Summit. Below please find data from the JCP&L site as of just a few minutes ago which shows comparative data from neighboring towns.

[table]"Description","Summit","Millburn (JCP&L)","Springfield","Chatham (township)","New Providence"
"Customers Affected"," 2,140"," 2,371"," 2,001"," 1,545"," 1,332"
"Customers Served"," 9,217"," 8,054"," 7,413"," 4,428"," 5,204"
"%Customers Affected"," 23%"," 29%"," 27%"," 35%"," 26%"[/table]


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