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Update, November 8th at 10:40 am

Click through to see the latest update from JCP&L.

We just completed a call with JCP&L which commenced at 10 am this morning. JCP&L crews are working on storm-related damage to the Summit substation located on Franklin Place.

.The following streets are associated with that sub-station and will begin having electric service restored today. Those streets closest to the sub-station will likely have power restored earlier. Some areas with substantial damage will take longer for restoration. Some portions of the streets may be served by other sub-stations and some of the streets already have service restored.

The majority of the restorations are expected to be completed by the end of the day on Saturday.

[table th="0"]"DeBary Place","Ridgedale Avenue","Robin Hood Road","Ruthven Place"
"Sayre Street","William Street","Whittredge Road","Lenox Road"
"Mountain Avenue","Essex Road","Woodland Avenue","Fernwood Road"
"Franklin Place","Larch Place","Walnut Street","Tulip Street"
"Springfield Avenue","Chestnut Avenue","Van Dyke Place","Valemont Way"
"Union Place","Beechwood Road","New England Avenue","Wentworth Rd."
"Cedric Road","Templar Way","Myrtle Avenue","Summit Avenue"
"Stockton Road","Westminster Road","Stiles Road ",[/table]

As additional information is received from JCP&L it will be shared with you.


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Ellen Dickson holds a Masters in Business Administration from Babson College and an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She and her husband Chip raised three children, all of whom graduated from the Summit public schools system.